Thursday, October 13, 2011

Contact info

I finally got around to creating some contact info for myself (While I have freely given out my character name, I am somewhat hesitant to just hand out my personal contact info).

So for those interested, you can email me at (Yes, oddly enough bloody.tank and bloody.tanks were already taken), or you can leave me a voice mail @ +12345643422. (This is a Google Voice number, and as I have my personal phones already assigned to my personal GV number, this one does not have a physical phone connected to it to ring. But I will get voice mail (or SMS text messages) emailed to me, and will be able to respond to you, or even call you back.)

I've added the contact info in the side bar, and included a QR vCard for those that are so enamored with me they want my contact details in their cell phone.

In unrelated news, I am taking online college courses in addition to a regular job and family life, and this semester's workload has been a lot higher than in the past so I have not had much time to finish up the next post, let alone play much WoW. (I think I played all of 60 minutes in the past two weeks).
The rotation post is almost done and just needs polishing up and links to all the spells and abilities.

Update: I have also created a Google+ profile. Not sure if I will end up doing anything with that, and it will really depend on how many people Circle me.

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