Thursday, May 26, 2011



  • Dodge: Death Knights, paladins, and warriors no longer receive any bonus to their chance to dodge from Agility. Their base chance to dodge is now a fixed 5%.
  • Parry: Death Knights, paladins, and warriors now receive 27% of their Strength bonuses as parry rating, up from 25%. This conversion still only applies to Strength above and beyond their base Strength.

So as of patch 4.2, Agility will be totally useless for tanks. If you're trying to get that BiS weapon or other item with Agility now, don't bother, and go for the 2nd best with Strength on it instead. For me personally (with a measly 173 Agility), this won't make a huge dent. I think I will lose out on about 0.4% dodge.
In return for my 3332 Strength (less 194 base Strength), I will gain 0.02 * 3138 = 62 parry rating, which amounts to 0.35% parry.
So overall I'll lose 0.05% avoidance before diminishing returns.

However as all DK tanks probably have an abundance of parry. the net effect will be a bit larger due to diminishing returns. We should really have more dodge gear options. Overall though, I'm happy with this change. We get compensated through our Strength on the loss of dodge from Agility. And Strength has the added benefit of providing us attack power, which means more DPS, which means more threat.

This does bring one question to mind though. Will the tank leg enchant (Charscale Leg Armor) get its Agility component removed and replaced with something more useful? Physical DPS already pick Dragonscale Leg Armor, so there really is no use for Agility on the Charscale enhancement.

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