Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Varanos is my main tank. I figure I'd be up front about that so you can check out how I spec, and what I'm wearing. It may not always be the best; I experiment with gear, so what my armory profile says may not always be what I tank with.
You will notice I am not wearing any raid gear. I gave up on structured raiding during the second half of BC. Dedicating three to four hours a few nights a week was not something I could justify towards my family anymore. I enjoy playing, but family comes first. I am no longer in a big guild either. FDIC is our family banking guild, and we are slowly leveling it up to guild level 4.
Which means I spend most of my time in the LFD tool with PUGs. My wife and oldest son have 85's, and my daughter is in her upper 70s, so grouping with each other happens whenever possible. But for the most part, we rely heavily on the LFD tool to give us a group that doesn't fail. More on that later.

My gear level is at 351 now, and I feel I have reached a stamina level where I can gear into things besides stamina. (Unbuffed, I clocked in around 154K). I'm currently playing with Mr. Robot to see what it is telling me to do. Unfortunately one of the items it wants me to acquire is Seliza's Spear, a two-handed pole-arm with agility, crit and mastery. And that is where my quest for DK tanking information started. There's Elitist Jerks information, and pwnwear forums, but I grew up a Hunter with BRK and now WHU. I like that style of information, and I am hoping to convey Death Knight tanking the same way on this blog.

So my next post will be about agility and what the true value of it is for Death Knights. My initial personal reaction was to scoff at being told to wear an agility item. But I want to make sure my instincts are correct, and not lose out on being a better tank just because I didn't listen to others.

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